Turny HD

Get Back Behind the Wheel with the Turny HD

The Turny HD supplied from Des Gosling Mobility Derby is a swivel seat base with 4-way motion, enabling the seat to swivel out through the door arch and then drop down to a height that is easy for you to transfer onto from your wheelchair. The 4-way movement makes it ideally suited for bigger vehicles with higher seating; enabling users to get into vehicles they may previously have considered an impossibility. The Turny HD is an earlier version of the Turny Evo, and is only suitable for fitting in the passenger side of the vehicle; or in the rear seats of some vehicles with sliding doors.

The operation of the swivel seat is controlled by a simple, two-button, hand held controller. The in/out motion of the seat is manually controlled with the Turny HD, although the vertical movement is powered. With the Turny HD it is recommended to use a low profile seat such as the BEV or Recaro seat, rather than the original one, in order to increase head and knee/leg space. The Turny HD is also designed so no adapter plate is needed for the BEV or Compact seat.

The Turny HD is fully crash test approved and CE-marked, and also has easy to use emergency operation and back-up systems. For this product we must see you for a demonstration to determine if it is a suitable adaptation for you and your vehicle.

Since it is an older version of the new Turny Evo the Turny HD is unfortunately not compatible with the Tilda system.