Turny Evo

Turny EvoThe Turny Evo is a fully programmable swivel seat base, perfect for vehicles with higher seating such as MPV’s, SUV’s and 4×4’s. Superseding the Turny Orbit/HD, the Turny Evo can be fitted by the experts at Des Gosling Mobility Derby in both the passenger or driver’s side of the vehicle. The base allows the seat to swivel out of the door and then drop down to a height at which it is easy for you to transfer across from your wheelchair; enabling users to get into vehicles they may previously have considered an impossibility.

Turny Evo – Safe and Dignified

Powered both horizontally and vertically, it is programmed to a certain path on installation which maximises both the head room and the leg/knee room for the particular vehicle it is being fitted in. This also makes operation of the seat very simple for the user, since they only have to press one of two buttons; depending on whether they are transferring in or out of the vehicle. This combined with its 4-way power also makes it easy for the user to concentrate on getting their legs over the sill as the seat swivels in.

The seat is also highly adjustable once you are in the vehicle, featuring unlimited backrest inclination and powered lengthwise adjustability. With the Turny Evo it is recommended to use a low profile seat such as the BEV or Recaro seat, rather than the original one, in order to further increase head and knee/leg space. The Turny Evo is also designed so no adapter plate is needed for the BEV or Compact seat.

The Turny Evo is fully crash test approved and CE-marked, and also has easy to use emergency operation and back-up systems.