Tilda PositionsTilda enables the seat to be tilted 15º backwards, in three steps. This product improves the head space when sliding the seat between the Carony wheel unit and the Turnout or Turny swivel seat inside the vehicle. All of these products are supplied by and can be fitted by Des Gosling Mobility Derby.

The optional footrest can also be used to provide help to get the feet easily over the threshold when swivelling inside the vehicle. Tilda is also an excellent option for a safe and comfortable seating position.

Tilda also allows for a more comfortable and relaxed seating position. Crash tested in both the upright position and the first tilt position the Tilda is just as safe as the original seat in these positions, it is not recommended to drive with the seat tilted in the two further tilt positions.

Tilda is available for either left and right side installations, in either the front or rear seats.

Click here to download the Tilda brochure.