The Usefulness of Swivel Car Seats

The Usefulness of Swivel Car Seats

How Swivel Car Seats Workswivel car seats

Designed to help those with mobility and disability problems enter and exit their cars swivel car seats are a genius product. They work by swivelling out to an angle of 90° for the person to face outside with ease, ideal for those who struggle to get over the sill of the car. The swivel car seat allows you to do this safely and effectively a great alternative to some fully integrated wheelchair accessible vehicles. They can be fitted to both the passenger and the driver’s side and come in an extensive range.

At Des Gosling Mobility Ltd we know that it is important for our customers to choose a suitable and comfortable product. Therefore, we can provide you with full demonstrations and assessments of products as well as being fully knowledgeable and experienced. We are happy to provide advice and guidance into helping you choose an appropriate swivel car seat for your car and any other mobility solutions we can offer.

Swivel Car Seat Range

The Carony System

This swivel car seat system is known for providing easy and comfortable transport right into your car. Used together with Turnout, or Turny, swivel seat base, and the seat simply slides on rails from the wheel unit. There is no need to attempt to lift yourself because the system will simply transfer you from your wheelchair seat to the seat of the car. You can choose from either a manual or powered operating chair and additional features may be added.


For a more restful, relaxed and secure seating position then try using Tilda. Suitable for front or rear seats fitted at either the left or right sides it allows the seat to tilt 15º backwards in three easy steps. Best when used in conjunction with the Carony and Turny swivel car seat systems it promotes head space between sliding the seat when using these products.


A swivel car seat which turns out 90° from the car also further sliding and lowering. This makes it suitable for larger vehicles. They allow the easier transfer of the person as the whole seat comes fully out of the car.

3 Main Turny Typesswivel-car-seats


Turny HD – Basic range model with classic in-out and up-down movementcan be both manual and powered operated.

Turny Orbit – Generally fully powered by electric swivels the seat around to allow you to slide out of the car upon lowering you to the ground first.

Turny EVO – The newest product in the range taking elements from both systems and combining these functions to create a greater model.

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We are swivel car seat specialists who pride ourselves are on offering the best in customer service and quality products and installation. Please browse our range of swivel car seats and ask us questions and visit us for more information we are here to help in any way we can. We have solutions to keep you mobile and driving comfortably so why not speak to our professional team today simply contact Des Gosling Mobility Ltd, Unit 10 Station Yard, Station Road, Melbourne, Derbyshire, DE73 8HJ, 01332 863742,



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