Swivel Car Seat Benefits

Swivel Car Seat Benefits

What A Swivel Car Seat Can Offerswivel-car-seat

The basic principle of using a swivel car seat is so they can easily help you get in and out of your car. They can operate differently some by lifting or lowering you to your feet, helping you into a wheelchair or coming entirely out of your vehicle. Others even have the option of transferring you from your wheelchair to inside the car itself.

Additional Help

If you still struggle to turn and face forward to seat yourself in the car an additional aid is to place a cushion between you and your seat. You can purchase specialist swivel car seat cushions which further consist of two layers joined with a swivel to act as a turntable.

Swivel Car Seat Systems

Other alternatives are advanced systems which are fitted by mobility and vehicle adaptations companies. These swivel car seat systems are designed so the whole seat swivels to face sideways outside the car, either operated manually or by remote power.

More often or not your original seat will need to be replaced, however the existing seat mountings are generally used for fitting purposes. Therefore, if you ever wish to install the original seating it can be refitted again easily. Using these mountings also increases the seats safety though additional mountings may be fastened if necessary.

If you’re considering a swivel car seat, then note they are best suited to cars with two or three doors because they allow for wider access. Certain cars can restrict the movement of your swivel car seat especially on the driver’s side this may be something you wish to seek advice from a professional about.

Before purchasing any type of swivel car seats for your vehicle always approach a specialist who can provide you with advice on the product. There are many considerations such as whether the seat will fit etc. and they have information on measurements, guides and features available that can all be of help in your decision-making process.

Top Tip – “For those who suffer with stiff legs ensure your seat is able to slide back enough to allow you to get in. Also, be cautious of your headroom, especially as you enter and exit the vehicle.

Specific Swivel Car Seat Systemsswivel-car-seat

There are 3 Main Types of Swivel Car Seats

  • Basic
  • Lifting & Lowering
  • Internal


Basic Swivel Car Seats – Hand or powered operated are the bare basic by just turning 90° to face outside the vehicle.

Lifting & Lowering Swivel Car Seats- These additionally raise you to your feet helping lift or lower you outside or into a wheelchair.

Internal Swivel Car Seats-  Fully powered these have a lifting action that helps you get your feet round to the front as well as an additional ramp or lift to transfer your wheelchair inside the car as well as yourself.

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