Steering Aids

Des Gosling Mobility Derby has a great range of steering aids. These products are designed to assist one handed steering, and are often used in conjunction with hand control systems. There are a variety of grips available, with the most popular being the steering wheel ball. Clamped to a position on the steering wheel most comfortable for the driver, the aid allows easy steering of the vehicle.

Our range of steering aids

The steering wheel ball can be provided with a quick release mechanism allowing the handle to be easily removed from the clamp, which remains fixed to the wheel. This is a particularly useful option to have if the vehicle is also driven by someone who does not require the steering ball.

Steering Ball

Steering AidsThe most popular steering aid, available with or without quick release, provides easy steering using only one hand.

Steering Peg

Steering PegA different shape of handle, coming with quick release as a standard, for those who would prefer to grip the steering aid in a different a manner.

Tetra Grip

Tetra GripA three pronged handle designed for customers with limited strength in the hand or arm they will be operating the steering aid with. Available with quick release only.