Push/Pull Hand Control

Jeff Gosling System IIIJeff Gosling Hand Controls Ltd.’s Push/Pull Brake Accelerator is an advanced push/pull hand control. Designed primarily for use by people with limited or no use of their legs, the hand control allows the brake and accelerator to be operated using the right hand. Using axial bearing races at its main pivot point gives the hand controls a remarkably smooth pivotal operation with no unwanted ‘free play’. It also has the benefit of Leg Impact Protection System (L.I.P.S) – a patented two-part moulded guard designed to shield the legs of the driver in the unlikely event of the vehicle being involved in an accident. Other features include a latex-free handle, making it suitable for all drivers.

The hand controls also have the optional extra of an indicator switch built in to the end of the handle, maintaining easy operation of the indicators whilst driving.

Due to the right hand being used primarily for operation of the hand controls, this product is frequently used in conjunction with a steering aid; to assist in steering the car with only one hand.

Some users also benefit from having either a pedal guard or a hinged accelerator fitted with this product. The pedal guard is a system used to block access to the pedals when driving with the hand controls; and is particularly useful for users suffering from leg spasms. The hinged accelerator is a modification which allows the accelerator pedal to be folded up out of the way when not in use, creating more space in the footwell.