Left Foot Accelerators

Left Foot AcceleratorsLeft Foot Accelerators from Des Gosling Mobility Derby are available for almost every model of vehicle in the UK, either the twin-folding (twin flip) model or the revolutionary electric model for vehicles with floor mounted electric organ style accelerator pedals.

Both models replicate the standard accelerator pedal with an additional pedal to the left hand side of the brake pedal, allowing the vehicle to be easily converted to drive with either the left or right foot.

The replication of the standard pedal results in an unnoticeable difference between operating the original pedal or the left foot accelerator pedal. The right and left hand side pedals are equally spaced either side of the brake pedal and full engagement is achieved which results in no loss of ‘Kick Down’ or reduced amount of throttle.

Furthermore, the safety function only allows for deployment or use of a single pedal at a time. So if the vehicle is shared both drivers can easily select the pedal they wish to use.

General advice for drivers considering driving with Left Foot Accelerators

We would recommend that anyone considering driving with a left foot accelerator for the first time should consider having a driving assessment.

If you have previously driven vehicles with manual transmission we would not recommend left foot accelerators. This is due to the finesse required for braking/accelerating being very different from the operation of a clutch pedal. We would generally suggest you consider push/pull hand controls instead.

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