Eco Mini Hoists

Eco Mini Hoists

Mini Hoist

40kg Car Hoist

The Eco Mini Hoist from Des Gosling Mobility Derby is a popular range of hoists for lifting wheelchairs, and smaller scooters or powerchairs.


  • Available with lifting capacity of either 40kg or 80kg.
  • Easily removable, apart from frame, when not in use; to retain almost all of the original boot space.
  • 40kg available as either 2-way or 4-way powered*.
  • 80kg is 4-way powered.
  • 80kg available with fixed or folding arm.

Available as a ‘transferable’ option through the Motability Scheme. This means that after 3 years, you can have the hoist transferred to your new vehicle, at a lower cost, with three years guarantee and new motors/wires provided.

Users who suffer from instability or require a support to hold on to when standing should consider a 4-way powered hoist. This will reduce the risk of the scooter swinging too quickly; possibly colliding with the side of the vehicle on the way in and damaging either the scooter or the vehicle.

The folding arm has a quick release handle to allow it to be folded down when not in use or once the scooter or wheelchair has been lifted into the boot. The folding arm is often used in vehicles with a smaller boot, folding down out of the way to allow the tailgate to shut.

Please call or send us a message to discuss your own car and scooter/wheelchair etc. We normally have a solution for every combination.

*2-way powered (up and down only) or 4-way powered (up and down and in and out).