Driving Adaptations

Our range of driving adaptations at Des Gosling Mobility Derby:

Easy Release Gear Stick

To provide easy use of automatic gearshift in spite of impaired hand function. This device eliminates the need to use the thumb or fingers to depress the release button on the gearshift. Instead, simply move the handle to depress the button.

Vehicle Specific

As with the handbrake easy release vehicle specific gearshift easy releases are available for vehicles with non-standard gearshifts.

Easy Release Hand Brake

Easy Release Hand BrakeDesigned for people with left hand mobility difficulty or for people who need to operate the parking brake or gearshift with their right hand. This device eliminates the need to use the thumb to depress the release button on the parking brake. Instead, simply ease the pressure off the brake by lifting the rubber grip handle and then pull it towards the rear of the car. The easy release also provides easier use of the parking brake with the right hand; the handle runs laterally so it saves twisting the arm through 90°.

Vehicle Specific

We can supply vehicle specific handbrake easy releases for vehicles with non-standard handbrakes.

Electric Parking Brake

Electric Parking BrakeThis adaptation is designed to help people who struggle to depress the button on the handbrake due to lack of strength or dexterity in their left hand.

The electric handbrake is controlled by switches that can be situated either in the dashboard or centre console to suit the driver.

The adaptation depresses the button and electronically lifts or lowers the lever.

Please call to discuss vehicle suitability.

Typical price- £950